Waste Oil Refining Machine

Distillation Plant for waste engine oil/motor oil/car oil/lubricating oil/ pyrolysis oil tyre plastic oil to high quality light yellow diesel or base oil. Good price with Excellent quality Superb Manufacture Over 14 Years of Experience Contact me get more details

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Waste mineral oil recycling plant distillation refinery manufacturing assembly,


 The net work of waste oil recycling machines is made from 50 liters to 100,000 liters.


 The oil produced by the machine can be used as generator fuel without adding any additives.


Crude oil processing distillation systems, Fuel oil processing and Bitumen asphalt oxidation systems and Various processing units of petroleum products.


Additional information


 H.K Makine carries out turnkey projects in the country and abroad on waste oil recovery systems (waste oil, mineral oil, bilge oil, machine oil, etc.) of petroleum derivative products.



 Waste oil recovery facility is a company that tries to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with its expert staff in installation, piping, electronic installation, automation, design and personnel training.


 The biggest advantage of H.K Makine in the operation of the waste oil recovery facility is that it does not leave its customers alone in the operation of the system, regardless of whether it is domestic or abroad.


 Waste Oil Regeneration Process and Machine Operation


 ●Basically, these types of oils (engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, cutting oil, mixed petroleum oils) are used in waste oil recovery facilities.


 ● It is the conversion of waste oils into base oils and diesel under high temperature pyrolysis conditions in order to reuse waste oils.


 ● Waste oils are distilled at high temperatures and hydrocarbon molecules are broken down and a new oil is formed by aligning with a new combination.


 ● During the distillation process of waste oils, waste oil turns into gas and then turns into oil through the cooling process and is separated according to their density according to the demand and the final product is obtained.


 ● In the process of improving oxidation, bad odor and color in the refined oil, it removes the residual asphalt, moisture, acid, carbon oxidation in the oil.


 Obtained Products;

 ● Diesel

 ● Thin Base Oil

 ● Thick Base Oil

 ● Fuel Oil

 Waste Oils


It is recycled in 2 main ways as Refining and Regeneration and separated according to 3 main categories.




 The process of converting waste oils into base oil or petroleum products in accordance with national or international standards and specifications by refining.


 The process of obtaining original oil in accordance with international standards, specifications and intended use by removing all kinds of pollutants, oxidation products and particles from waste oils.

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